The technical specifications of the OptiCut S 90 Speed at a glance

Saw motor7.5 kW13.5 kW
Pusher motor performance5.1 kW
Saw blade Ø400 mm350 mm/ 450 mm/ 500 mm
Saw blade bore30 mm
Min. cut height10 mm
Max. cut height90 mm120 mm
Min. cut width20 mm
Max. cut width200 mm360 mm
Max. workpiece weight150 kg
Pusher forward stroke speedup to 240 m/min
Pusher return stroke speedup to 240 m/min
Working height1000 mm
Weightapprox. 1650 kg
Electrical connected loadapprox. 14-18 kW
Air consumptionapprox. 250 NL/min.
Operating pressuremin. 6-8 bars
Extraction speedapprox. 30 m/s
Extraction volumeapprox. 1300 m3/h
Dust extraction diameter125 mm
Noise emission at idling speedapprox. 85 dB(A)
Upgrade to Exact versionX
Table 2.7 m / 4.5 m / 6.3 mX
Cross-feeding 3 / 5 / 7 linesX
Bare infeed table for sensitive materialsX
Inclination of the machine by 10°X
Infeed from the right sideX
Equipment package for thin woodX
Cross chain feedingX
Alternating operation with or without latchesX
Alignment aids for packagesX
Additional start buttonsX
Rigid positioning pusherX
Swiveling positioning pusherX
Increased pusher motor powerX
Laser photocell at saw infeedX
Laser photocell at pusherX
Defect removal and optimizationX
Automatic width measurementX
Automatic thickness measurementX
Shorter way of stroke of hold-down deviceX
Servo saw strokeX
Side guide X
Pressure shoesX
Pressure rollersX
Saw hood LEDX
Outfeed monitor, 18.5"X
Outfeed table, 2.9 mX
Tipping of the workpiecesX
Cross-transfer of the workpiecesX
Sorting of the workpiecesX
Waste flap / waste shaftX
Waste beltsX
Label printer X
Cartridge printerX
Inkjet printerX
Operating device10.1"15.6 "/ 18.5"

CE-compliant, BG-tested