Technical data

Standard Option
Cut lengths* 2,200 – 6,200 mm
Usable widths* 600 mm to 2,100 mm
Max. cut height 215 mm
Saw blade Ø 400 – 650 mm
Saw shaft Ø 30 mm
Saw blade mount Ø 80 mm
Motor 11 kW 15 kW
Spindle speed 2,900 RPM frequency-controlled
Cutting feed, steplessly adjustable 0 – 80 m/min
Total machine length Cut length + 2,035 mm
Total machine width Usable width + 970 mm
Working height 900 mm
Extraction speed min. 30 m/sec
Extraction volume approx. 4,340 m3/h
Extraction connections 2 160 mm Ø
Workplace noise emissions during idling / processing1 LpA = 75 / 88 dB (A)

Sound power level during idling / processing1

LwA = 94 / 106 dB (A)
Laser 30mW Standard
Easyfix saw blade change Standard
SpeedControl with anti-blocking system Option
Protective lamella thickness 8 mm Standard
Hold-down unit, length 3,000 mm, arranged on the left Option
Additional hold-down unit (from 4,200 mm cut length) Option
Hold-down unit with wooden insert and rubber coating** Option
Automatic setting of the saw blade overhang** Option
Positioning stop via joystick / digital display Standard
Touchscreen controls Option
Pivotable control panel on swivel arm*** Option
Automatic cut initiation*** Option
Automatic cut shortening on forward motion*** Option
Automatic cut shortening on return motion*** Option
Groove unit*** Option
Fingerprint sensor Option
Automatic kerf seal Option
Insertable bearing plates Option
Insertable miter templates Option
Insertable radial stop Option
Transverse conveyor chains for automatic removal of workpieces Option
Front transverse table, movable, with scale and fixed stop Option
Mobile pedal Option
FlexiCut crosscut saw (cut widths up to 750 mm, cut heights up to 175 mm) Option


1according to EN 1870-4 and ISO 7960 Annex Q; measurement uncertainty constant K = 4dB (A)
*larger cut lengths and usable widths upon request;
**Option only available in conjunction with hold-down unit;
**Option only available in conjunction with touch-screen controls;