Technical data

Max. cutting width 610 mm
Chain width 630 mm
Max. number of movable saw blades 6
Max. throat width Standard (option) 960 mm (1,110 mm)
Max. cutting height with bushing  
with pressure board 125 mm
without pressure board 140 mm
Max. cutting height with adjustable saw blades  
with pressure board 110 mm
without pressure board 125 mm
Min. timber length with use of the pressure board (option) 500 mm (320 mm)
Max. feed speed (option) 48 m/min (80 m/min)
Motor power (option) 55 kW (110 kW)
Number of pressure rollers (option) 4 (6)
Setting speed of blade adjustment (option) 300 mm/sec
Saw blade diameter min./max. 250 mm / 400 mm
Weight 5,700 kg
Dimensions length x width x height 2.2 x 2.7 x 2.0 m
Working height 850 mm
Extraction diameter 350 mm
Required extraction speed 30 m/sec
Required extraction volume 10,400 m3/h
Mastercut controls Option
Pneumatic top pressure Standard
Electrical height adjustment of saw shaft Standard
Electrical height adjustment of pressure unit Standard
High-performance chain Standard
Spikes Option
Laser on blade adjustment machines (M) Standard
Laser on machines with fixed arbor setup Option