EasyScan+ S: High performance - low investment

In the S Version of the EasyScan+, WEINIG is renewing its engagement in the area of high-performance scanners for sorting and grading. The EasyScan+ S covers all sorting applications. Like the C version, the system allows additional information such as shape, moisture, etc. to be included. The repeatable accuracy of the optimization also increases sorting precision. Fluctuations in quality caused by human error are a thing of the past.

Simple optimization is the key to efficient production. The high-performance optimization software allows a variety of qualities and zones to be created and combined into multiple end products. The products and qualities are stored in a database and can be selected at any time via drag and drop. The logical user interface of the scanner simplifies settings in a visual way providing simple operation for all.

With its various sensor options, the scanner can be adapted to customer requirements, guaranteeing ideal results every time. Whether hardwood or softwood, window scantlings or glulam, profiles or panels, furniture production or cladding boards, this scanner allows you to achieve optimal results every time.


Different requirements - different prices

The price of a WEINIG machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Personal advice

Personal advice – for higher productivity and greater efficiency

Together with your WEINIG expert you will find the ideal machine for your requirements. Simply submit the completed form, and your local WEINIG expert will be happy to discuss all further details with you.

The WEINIG EasyScan+ series provides

  • Fast return on investment
  • Optimization of your products by value, yield or production requirements
  • Extensive real time statistics
  • Compatible with all high-performance optimizing cross-cut saws.
  • Optionally upgradeable sensor concepts (moisture measurement, shape measurement and much more)
  • Complete defect detection: Wane, knots, cracks, pith, resin pockets, blue/red stain...
  • Tested industrial sensor technology

The WEINIG EasyScan+ S provides

  • Increased recovery since the detection accuracy of the scanner is far superior to manual sorting
  • Reduced labor costs, since labor-intensive manual marking is eliminated
  • Maximum productivity thanks to automated defect detection and optimization
  • More flexible production since many different qualities and products can be produced at the same time
  • Ability to control the quality of end products according to individual customers, etc.
  • Increased quality of end products

Technical Details

Sorting explained simply

WEINIG CombiScan Evo
WEINIG CombiScan Evo
WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Step 1: LuxscanLine scanners are based upon various sensors, such as laser and color cameras or X-ray*. Your WEINIG expert will define the right sensors and the best combination of these, harmonized with wood types, surface properties and customer requirements. Our objective is to achieve the best possible quality of information for the required application.

Step 2: Image processing is handled by the highly sophisticated OptiCore software. This detects and identifies defects as well as color deviations on the board. The ideally adapted sensor data ensures optimal data processing and defect detection.

Step 3: Optimization via the high-performance OptiCore software calculates the best solution during sorting. In doing so, it takes into account the various customer requests and requirements. Based upon the precise board data calculated during image processing, the board is sorted in accordance with customer requirements. This allows a virtually unlimited number of qualities and products to be defined. Thus, even complex products can be ideally sorted. This allows the creation of almost any type of end product.

The sensors: The key to success

All sensors are ideally protected by a dust-proof housing. Our laser cameras are installed in every system as standard. With the fastest speed available on the market, these guarantee a high resolution and optimal results. Performance is continually improving through continuous development of this industrial sensor system. This technology detects defects such as knots, pith, cracks, etc. A sophisticated laser system also reliably detects 3D surface defects, such as holes and wane.

In addition, optional color cameras improve the scanner's detection. Higher resolutions, both in the longitudinal and transversal direction detect color defects, as well as cracks and insect holes, more reliably than ever before. Different versions of the color camera ensure the ideal scanner performance for every application.

OptiLink: Ideal optimization via connected processes.

Using multiple, complex production processes has always been a difficult task. Linking various applications and production lines complicates the flow of information. OptiLink was developed to optimize production management by centralizing the information. With a single access point to all information, just-in-time production is no longer a complex challenge. OptiLink decreases operator errors and reduces the inventory of semi-finished goods. A further benefit is the quick and simple data management with regard to ERP systems. This even allows production of single-item batches thanks to sophisticated statistical functions. Although OptiLink was originally developed purely for linking cross-cut scanners and rip scanners, it is now possible to connect many other cutting-related machines.

Layout suggestions for EasyScan+ S

The EasyScan+ S is suitable for almost any type of sorting line.

Options for extension

WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Fiber analysis: Maximum cutting accuracy

An essential component of optimizing recovery and value creation is a precise cutting position, particularly with finger jointed products. The "dual scatter" system, comprising a line laser and a dot laser, enables this precision.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Automatic camera positioning and processing of decreasing widths

The automatic camera positioning moves all cameras into the ideal position, thus guaranteeing optimal picture quality and resolution. It also prevents operator error, thus reducing production losses to a minimum.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Front-end scanner: Quality control the easy way

The front-end scanner is installed behind a cross-cut saw. It scans the cut parts from both sides. This allows defects inside the boards, such as pith, to be detected via their contrast. This information is used for subsequent sorting of products for finger jointing or shared profiles and forwarding of these to a new ejector.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

ShapeScan: Reliable detection of curvature and warping

The ShapeScan is the ideal option when it comes to detecting a particular curvature and warping as a defect. The cupping can also be optionally measured. The ShapeScan T can calculate the curvature or warping via sensors in the cross conveyor.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Marking station: Marking of cuts and grades

A marking station is the ideal solution for connecting a scanner to one or more existing cross-cut saws if the operator wants to avoid complex mechanization or direct data connection is not possible. Cuts, qualities and twisting is imprinted on each board so that these are forwarded to the saw free from defects.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

OptiLink: Ideal optimization via connected processes.

Using complex production processes has always been a difficult task. Linking various applications and production lines complicates the flow of information.

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Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

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