Cross-cutting with WEINIG: for maximum material yield

Cross-cutting (length cutting) is one of the first most important steps in solid wood processing. Manual cutting is a laborious job and carries a high risk of accidents. Both of these are avoided using modern cutting techniques.

WEINIG has experience from building thousands of automatic optimizing cross-cut saw and so has unique skills, offering a wider range of products than any other manufacturer. Irrespective of whether it is undertable cross-cut saws, optimizing cut-off saws (with and without position slider) or optimizing cross cut systems. The objective is always the maximum material yield for you.

Optimized cross-cutting with WEINIG

  • Cutting out errors
  • Sawing fixed lengths
  • Cutting packages to length
  • Optimizing board material

WEINIG products and solutions for cross-cutting

WEINIG can offer you machines in all performance classes with different specifications in the area of cross-cutting. Intelligent system solutions, optimization software and automations complete the range of products.

WEINIG OptiCut C 50+

WEINIG Opticut C 50 full view

Future-oriented manual cross-cutting – safe and efficient

WEINIG OptiCut C 700+

WEINIG OptiCut C 700+ Gesamtansicht

Future-oriented manual cross-cutting of large cross-sections – safe and efficient

WEINIG OptiCut 150

WEINIG OptiCut 150

Built for automatic cross-cutting - come what may.

Detail page OptiCut 150

WEINIG OptiCut 200 series

WEINIG OptiCut 200-Serie

Strong concept for profitable, high-performance cross-cutting

Detail page OptiCut 200 series

WEINIG OptiCut 450 series

WEINIG OptiCut 450-Serie

Optimizing cross-cut saws – built for maximum dynamism and performance with every cut.

Detail page OptiCut 450 series

WEINIG OptiCut S 50+

WEINIG OptiCut S 50

Optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pusher: Perfect entry into automatic cross-cutting for small business and industry

WEINIG OptiCut S 90 series

WEINIG OptiCut S 90-Serie

Optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pusher: As universal and diverse as the requirements of your customers

Detail page OptiCut S 90 series