WEINIG System Plus

WEINIG System Plus: The complete solution for the production of mouldings

WEINIG System Plus

WEINIG is the leading technology supplier for industrial and small scale processing of solid wood products. Worldwide availability of expansive services combined with economical system solutions make WEINIG the all-round ideal partner for profitable manufacturing. Particularly, when confronted with the challenges of quick delivery times, short production runs and satisfying individual customer requirements, WEINIG shows its competence and ingenuity - not only in reference to machine technology, but also in consideration of the complete production infrastructure.

With the WEINIG system for production of mouldings you will meet these daily challenges  with ease. The perfect coordination of individual work-steps within the process chain guarantees highest quality and efficient use of resources.

The WEINIG System Plus provides

  • An integrated system from the concept to production
  • Shorter throughput times by reducing the number of process steps
  • Paper-free production thanks to transfer of data
  • Retrieval of existing profiles and tools through management with search functions
  • Minimization of idle time through optimal production preparation
  • High process security through CAD data

Ideal for companies with

  • large variety of profiles
  • frequent profile changes
  • single order processing
  • multiple machines
  • in-house tool grinding

Technical Details

Moulder Master

WEINIG System Plus

The efficient organization of the working environment plays an ever increasing role in optimizing the manufacturing process. Moulder Master links together all processes which take place prior to production. The necessary information will be sent to the required locations in the tool grinding room or the production area. Errors will be minimized, process security improved and consistent high quality of the end products ensured. In this manner Moulder Master supports efficient and economical manufacturing with the moulder.

Rondamat 1000 CNC

Ultimately, the full performance potential of your moulders can only be achieved when the tools are sharpened, measured and available when needed. The Rondamat 1000 CNC grinds and sharpens tools fully automatically according to a CAD drawing created by Moulder Master providing the basis for producing accurate profiles on the moulder. In respect to efficiency and added value the Rondamat 1000 CNC will raise your tool room to a new level.

OptiControl Digital

WEINIG System Plus

Measuring reference points on the tool is essential for precise setting of the moulder and the production of high quality mouldings. Moulder Master supplies not only the profile and tool data, but also the related picture and reference points. The OptiControl Digital tool measuring stand is the perfect enhancement for the tool room requirements and due to the high precision measurements it paves the way for fast and error-free setup of the moulder.

PowerCom Plus

WEINIG System Plus

Extremely high performance yet surprisingly simple - that is PowerCom Plus. Continuous improvement of your production requires documentation of the current setup as the first step. The PowerCom system records the operating and machine data for you. So you will always have an overview of your production and the status of your machines.

PowerCom Plus displays all important system information for the machine setup at a glance. The profile data are provided by Moulder Master and using the measured values, which are given by the OptiControl Digital, PowerCom Plus calculates the required spindle positions. All data is sent online to the control system. This makes machine setup child's play.


Bringing processes together – working more efficiently

Good technology, good times: James Vincent (left) and Patrick McQuaid with their new CNC tool grinder

The WEINIG System Plus connects all processes through to setup of the machine. Following a positive start in Europe, the technology is now taking the USA by storm.

Sitting comfortably at the office PC, managing the entire automated process from the profile idea to the finished product is a philosophy currently taking hold in more and more countries. In the USA, the Legere Group recently became the first genuine sector heavyweight to invest in WEINIG System Plus. In this instance, it was the difficulty in finding well-trained, skilled personnel that prompted the decision in favor of the simple, networked solution. Like all other users of WEINIG System Plus, Legere’s production is characterized by profile diversity. The same is true of Anderson & McQuaid Co., Ltd. in Massachusetts. The company’s product range includes more than 240 different profiles. This spectrum ranges from rough-sawn to fine-planed, from cherry wood to mahogany. Everything is produced in the company workshop and is either held in stock or may be picked up as early as the same day. 

Besides quality, flexibility is the primary USP of Anderson & McQuaid in the market. The company's high standards demanded a contemporary solution for work preparation. They found it in WEINIG System Plus. The centerpiece is the Moulder Master software. This is complemented by hardware components comprising the OptiControl Digital measuring stand, Rondamat 1000 CNC tool grinder and Powermat 700 profiling machine. Like Legere, Anderson & McQuaid also opted for the big CNC solution for grinding and sharpening. The Rondamat 1000 CNC delivers consistent quality and maximum processing precision – regardless of the complexity of the contours or the number of cuts. 

Sales manager Patrick McQuaid is delighted with his new investment. “WEINIG System Plus can do everything we can as good craftsmen but faster and more precisely,” he says. Since the technology was introduced, his business has increased its throughput significantly.

Areas of application

Profiled mouldings

WEINIG Anwendungen

Our core competence

Profiling mouldings of all types has always been WEINIG’s core competence. Profiling includes a wide range of end products that nevertheless set the same challenges for machine technology: high levels of profile precision with excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

WEINIG technology is always setting new standards in this area. The basis for this are the solid machine bases with precise machine tables and the fence at exactly the right angle to this. The superiority of the WEINIG machines is seen overall when dynamics are brought into the equation: spindles with high true running accuracy, a strong feed system and the corresponding pressure elements.

The perfect interaction of these components guarantees smooth transportation in a defined position through the machine. The result is the legendary WEINIG quality of your products: high profile precision, excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

WEINIG System Plus brochure (PDF, 5 MB)