WEINIG Compact finger jointing lines: Construction timber production in the smallest space

The particular feature of most compact lines is the fact that all processing steps

  • Shaping (pre-scoring)
  • Gluing
  • Pressing

are carried out during one clamping process. This means no mismatch and splintering occur on the lamellae at the same time as achieving a high capacity.

All machines

WEINIG PowerJoint

WEINIG Kompaktanlagen

The compact line for high standards

  • Vertical finger joint including scoring unit to avoid splintering
  • Shaping process from top to bottom (defined work piece support)
  • No reverse positioning of the timbers (no load on the finger joints)
  • Contact-free glue application using glue nozzles
  • Servo-controlled drive profile of the shaper head for fantastic shaping result
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WEINIG Kompaktanlagen

Compact lines for specific requirements

  • Shaping, gluing and pressing in one clamping process (up to 5.5 cycles/min)
  • Large timber dimensions up to 310 mm timber width possible
  • Almost all types of glue can be used
  • Splinter protection as standard, every line
  • Modular system - adapts to your requirements
Detail page  CF + CF-H

WEINIG compact lines offer you

  • Very compact construction of different lines
  • Pressing force of 20, 30 or even 40 tonnes
  • Capacities of 3.5 up to 15 joints/min possible
  • Optionally available with additional sound insulation cabinet
  • Production of an endless phase
  • With splinter protection to avoid splintering in the timber
  • Glue comb systems or contact-free glue application