Planing and profiling with WEINIG: Four glass-smooth sides and every profile you want - in one process

Straightening of the bottom side and of the right side, planing to width and thickness as well as profiling - a machine that can do it all and in a single operation. Faster and better than you could ever imagine. This makes it massively superior to all conventional individual machines. And it is not only you - more than 60,000 automatic moulders all around the world have made us the market leader in the sector.

This means there is an ideal machine available for every production and every business size, from the smallest entry level model to the high-performance lines for maximum capacity. They all feature

  • Excellent production quality
  • Minimum setup times
  • Top-class work piece surfaces

Specific application software and intelligent system solutions offer additional benefits and improve the overall organization centered around the moulder.

Areas of application

4 sides planed

WEINIG Anwendungen

Perfectly right-angled work pieces

Wood is a natural material and that influences the requirements that are involved for processing it. Wood can contain defects, it can be bent or warped. For many applications, therefore, e.g. for furniture, it is essential that the work pieces are planed on all four sides. The key thing here is that the work pieces are accurately straightened and that they have perfect angles after being processed.

This may sound easy, but in many cases it is not, because the production precision of the machine has a significant influence on the quality of the end product. You can always rely on the famous WEINIG quality. WEINIG offers many different solutions, from manual to fully automatic operation and from machines for occasional use to machines in continuous shift operation.

Profiled mouldings

WEINIG Anwendungen

Our core competence

Profiling mouldings of all types has always been WEINIG’s core competence. Profiling includes a wide range of end products that nevertheless set the same challenges for machine technology: high levels of profile precision with excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

WEINIG technology is always setting new standards in this area. The basis for this are the solid machine bases with precise machine tables and the fence at exactly the right angle to this. The superiority of the WEINIG machines is seen overall when dynamics are brought into the equation: spindles with high true running accuracy, a strong feed system and the corresponding pressure elements.

The perfect interaction of these components guarantees smooth transportation in a defined position through the machine. The result is the legendary WEINIG quality of your products: high profile precision, excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

Window production

WEINIG Anwendungen

All stages of the processes on one machine

Profiling window scantlings on the long side and the cross side of the window scantling, and shaping and drilling are carried out on the processing center that outputs the fully processed scantling. However, the moulder still has an important role in window production as it is needed for 4-sided planing of the window scantling, to remove and to profile the blank glazing bead.

The WEINIG Powermat has a special window package that was precisely designed to complete these three process steps. Using the press of a button the user can select whether the four sides should only be planed or whether the blank glazing bead should be removed as well. Safety prompts ensure that an adjustment can only be carried out when there is no work piece in the machine and that there will be no collision between the saw blade and contact pressure elements. The PowerLock system means that the machine can be retooled in a very short time so that the glazing bead can be profiled.

The WEINIG system also enables the moulder to be connected to the cross-cut saw and the processing center. Thus, WEINIG offers the ideal solution for window production because it is the safest and most efficient.

Construction timber

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The importance of solid wood as a construction material has grown constantly over the last few years. This means that there are high demands on the surface quality, particularly for the visible areas. The largest area of application are beams, which are planed on 4 sides and chamfered.

Depending on your requirements, WEINIG offers the right solution, from a small machine to a large line; but they have one thing in common: a high level of flexibility because of the 90° chamfering unit.

The chamfering unit is used to produce the fourth chamfer on the beam after the other chamfers have been produced by the vertical spindles and the horizontal top spindle. The chamfering unit control means that dimensions can be changed quickly and a change in the strength of the chamfer can be made without changing the tool and simply by positioning the spindles.

With this technology WEINIG enables small companies to work with the same economy as a large organization.


WEINIG Anwendungen

Planing glulam lamellae


Glulam is increasingly being used in recent years and therefore more and more importance is being given to planing glued laminated timber lamellae. This depends on achieving a glueable surface at high speed with the lowest level of chip removal. Even the curve of the timber does not make a difference, and can be kept, because the lamellae are glued afterwards and then finally planed again.

WEINIG meets this challenge with innovative machine technology. The combination of slanted horizontal spindles and floating vertical spindles allows the lamellae to be planed with a minimum of chip removal on all four sides while maintaining the curvature of the wood. These WEINIG solutions increase material yield and thus also resource efficiency.


WEINIG Anwendungen

In industrial wood processing, material yield plays an ever greater role. Scanners are used in this context to identify places with defects and to cut them out. Pre-planing is necessary at the start of the entire chain in order to provide the scanner with a clean surface. Accordingly, chip removal should be minimal and a high feed speed is usually required.

In this segment, WEINIG offers both simple solutions with excellent value for money, as well as innovative solutions with unique technology: from hydro-tools to jointers, slanted spindles and floating spindles up to a feed speed of 300 m/min. As well as the necessary machine technology, WEINIG, of course, also offers suitable mechanization. We can meet your pre-planing needs perfectly!

Structured surfaces

WEINIG Anwendungen

Produce innovative products economically


Creative surfaces are in fashion, whether for furniture frontages, flooring or facades. Previously, things that you could only produce at high cost by hand or in processing centers can now by produced in the moulder in one run.

The WEINIG structure planing technology makes it possible to move the spindle relative to the work piece as it is fed through and in this way to create a three-dimensional surface. Using CAD software the structured surfaces can be checked and simulated in advance and then actually produced on the moulder.

This puts WEINIG at the forefront again, setting new standards with this new development that could open up new market opportunities for you. You can let your creativity run wild with this technology, producing new products - along with short run times, high productivity and low unit costs.


Planing, quickly and safely


Efficient, simple to operate and safe to handle: Upper Austrian carpenter Holztrattner has acquired a compact, rapid and practical planer in the WEINIG Cube.

Holztrattner is a company with a long-distance effect, one might say. When approaching by car on the highway, you can already see a large sign from some distance away that reads: “Holztrattner. Your master carpenter with ideas." And Herbert Holztrattner certainly has some ideas: Living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms – the carpenter and his team cover the full spectrum of interior fittings. We can even fit out entire houses, says Holztrattner, who founded his company as a one-man operation in 1990.


The 46-year-old, who completed his apprenticeship in cabinet-making, started out primarily with restoration work. The business has since steadily grown to a 12-strong workforce, including son Jürgen – also a trained carpenter – who has worked in the business for years. Restoration work is now just a small part of the workload. In addition to the core business of interior fittings, Holztrattner has also designed and produced its own garden furniture for a number of years. The garden swings produced by the carpenter have proven a real export hit. Holztrattner's first design was actually "only" a birthday present for his wife. However, the resourceful master carpenter has since developed the garden seating with characteristic C-shaped side rails and arm rests, improving the design, and even received a design award in 2003. The model is now sold with great success to Poland and East Frisia.


As a carpenter who works with solid wood, Holztrattner also has a planer in the workshop. For 17 years, the Quattromat 18 four-sided planer from WEINIG gave him good service. However, last year, he took the decision to acquire a new machine. Once again, he opted for a WEINIG machine: The Cube, unveiled by the wood machinery manufacturer at the Ligna trade fair in Hanover last year. In addition to the machine's qualities in terms of precision, Holztrattner was particularly impressed by its user-friendliness: “You don't have to adjust anything. The whole machine can be practically operated via a touchscreen. Even our apprentice in his first year can already use it.” The planer is delivered ready to plug in, meaning that it can be immediately put into operation once set up. Additional training
was not necessary.

Now, everybody in the business – including the boss – occasionally uses the Cube, which does S4S in a single pass while also making work easier with a range of additional practical features: The WEINIG EasyLock system allows quick blade changes with little intervention inside the machine. Dimensions can be changed while the machine is operating at the push of a button while the so-called MoulderPreView projects the spindle settings onto the workpiece by laser, allowing further optimization before machining. Herbert Holztrattner has also customized his new Cube visually: The machine exterior proudly bears a prominent company logo and motto. That way, the "master carpenter with ideas" is ever-present both in the factory as well as further afield.

Text and cover picture Thomas Prlic, Tischler Journal

Cube captivates Eichelbrönner joinery

Expectations completely fulfilled: Werner Eichelbrönner is very satisfied with the Cube

A traditional 'beer mat calculation'* made Werner Eichelbrönner curious. And after a test, he did not want to hand the Cube back. Read more about his experiences.

Werner Eichelbrönner set up his business in Schwanfeld, Lower Franconia in 1999. Despite some difficult times at the outset, the master joiner remained true to his love of high-quality products in solid wood. Today, individuality is highly sought-after, particularly in the joinery's core business of interior fittings. With three master craftsmen in the company, Werner Eichelbrönner places great value on the internal know-how of his team from cutting to assembly. Our customers know that we think pro-actively during projects. That is the way is should stay, underlines the company boss.

*typical German method of making a quick and simple financial calculation.

Crazy about the Cube: Ysewijn explain why

Satisfied with the quality: Company boss Dirk Ysewijn and WEINIG representative Ulrik Roekens

The new Cube is hotly sought-after and the order list long. The four-sided planer offers numerous buying motives that smart sales people can take advantage of. Here, Belgian company Ysewijn explain why they have opted for the WEINIG masterpiece.

Belgian company Ysewijn produces timber windows and all types of interior fittings. Their day-to-day business is characterized by small batch sizes and widely varying dimensions. Up until recently, the company was using a traditional jointer and planer for straightening.

Now, however, the machines are gathering dust like museum pieces. Ysewijn has drawn a line under that era. The future is shaped by the Cube, which is operating pleasantly quietly a few meters further down the factory hall.

It’s Cube time, Sir: The little one is also big in England.

P&J Joinery

It was the star of the CUBE Days in Abingdon. Now, the first orders for the Cube are flying into the offices of WEINIG UK. First off the mark were P&J Joinery, as we report.

P & J Joinery is a small English firm with three employees. The business provides a complete joinery service for windows, doors, staircases, kitchens and bedroom furniture and is well-placed to satisfy every individual customer requirement. The quality of the personnel and the high levels of flexibility are the keys to their sustained success. Brisk business encouraged company boss Philip Nixey to increase efficiency by investing in the latest production technology.

The firm had been using traditional planers as well as a WEINIG Profimat 22N, which has been in operation to the company's complete satisfaction for 22 years. With its potential, the WEINIG Cube ideally complements the existing operation and opens the door to expand business thanks to its innovative technology.

We opted for WEINIG because, through the Profimat, we have come to appreciate the reliable German technology and rapid service over many years, says Philip Nixey. "The Cube now gives us the additional advantages we need to expand our business." It is simple to operate, faster and more precise. We particularly needed its 260 x 160 mm option and were very impressed with its flexibility and the savings in setup time. In addition, the Cube has a number of practical features, such as the 60 per cent energy saving during extraction, the quick and simple blade change via EasyLock and the safe charging with short pieces."

The Cube has quite simply re-invented planing. It is very fast, highly precise and easier to operate than any planer before. In addition, it features new laser technology for workpiece measurement and dimension setting. The Cube is particularly suitable for smaller operations and those that still perform S4S with standard machines and methods. It does not have to run all day to be profitable since it is highly productive, efficient and attractively priced.

The Cube is compact and ideal in conditions where floor space is in short supply. Where necessary, it can also be easily lifted and re-located with a lift truck. The Cube does not require time-consuming settings and also avoids setup errors thanks to its part recognition technology. The operator also has the additional advantage of being able to set the dimensions while the machine is running. Thanks to WEINIG’s simple EasyLock blade change system, auxiliary processing times can also be dramatically reduced.

Philip Nixey: "Since working with the Cube, we have benefited from the reduced auxiliary processing times in a variety of respects. We have become more flexible and productive and the increased capacity has allowed us to take on more orders, which has made us more competitive. We were completely satisfied with the machine installation. Everything has run perfectly smoothly."

WEINIG products and solutions for planing and profiling

The right solution for every requirement - this is what the WEINIG product portfolio offers for planing and profiling. With feed speeds of 6 and 600 m/min.

WEINIG Unimat series


For standard profiling requirements from small to large companies.

  • Fine product grading
  • Highly user-friendly
  • High level of work safety
  • Sustainable machine concept
  • Very good price-performance ratio
Detail page Unimat series

WEINIG Powermat series

WEINIG Powermat

For the widest range of profiling work from the small workshop to industrial series production.

  • Innovative machine technology
  • High production accuracy
  • High level of work safety
  • Modular design
  • Made in Germany
Detail page Powermat series

WEINIG Hydromat series

WEINIG Hydromat

Feed speed from 120 m/min up to 800 m/min

  • Solid and robust construction
  • Modular design: the right machine for each application
  • Special spindle combinations and elements for special applications
  • Excellent performance potential
  • Outstanding surface quality
Detail page Hydromat series

WEINIG wide planing series

WEINIG Breithobel

Work dimensions up to 700 x 300 mm

  • Perfect surface quality
  • Stable and continuous feed
  • Quick and easy setting with Memory Plus or PowerCom
  • Modular design: the right machine for each application
  • Easy to operate
Detail page Wide planing series