WEINIG VS 5000: High-performance line for vertical profiles

The VS 5000 has two vertical single timber shapers that face each other in an offset position. This finger jointing line processes each work piece very precisely - shaping a vertical finger joint. This is possible as a result of separate clamping devices on the shapers. The work pieces are positioned precisely onto the shaping units by this clamping device.

Following the shaping unit, the work pieces are then conveyed through a cross feeder transfer into the feed in track and from there into the press. When making your selection, your can also choose our new through-feed press. However, other solutions are available.

The precise positioning of the work piece onto the shaping unit produces a very high quality end product and this occurs at high speed.

WEINIG single panel lines offer you

  • Every work piece is individually aligned and processed.
  • High-performance lines for capacities up to 160 (200) m/min.
  • With automatic feeding system and stacking solutions

WEINIG VS 5000 offers you

  • Individual processing of every work piece
  • Nor presorting, short and long timbers can follow on from each other.
  • Splinter protection (avoiding splinters) for every individual timber
  • One-sided or double-sided glue application
  • Almost any type of glue can be used.
  • Servo-clamping of every individual timber
  • Shortest wood entry lengths 650 mm
  • Up to 60 parts/min. Line capacity
  • Capacity up to 160 (200) m/min. with the through-feed press
  • Teleservice (remote maintenance)

Technical Details

Vertical finger joint

Vertical profile

The vertical finger joint is the most frequently produced type of finger joint in the world. It provides the highest performance in a packaged finger jointing line.

The vertical profile is mainly applied in constructive woodworking, but is also used for building windows and frames. It is has the largest glue surface and is therefore the most stable of all finger joints.

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

Overview brochure (PDF, 5 MB)

Further images

The complete vertical joint line VS 5000, with through-feed press and flying edging saw
Material clamping using a servo-claw, before the shaper units
Transfer and frequency-regulated feed-in up to 200 m/min.