WEINIG ProfiPress T: Perfectly adjusted, the upper mid-range

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Make your everyday production easier with many cycles. ProfiPress T - is our cycle press with cross feeding for wood lengths of 500 up to 6,400 mm.

This intelligent technology can press panels of different lengths and widths at the same time in one cycle. Up to six pressing ribbons are possible within one press cycle, this allows you to achieve a maximum flexibility at a high level. The usual WEINIG quality comes as a matter of course.

You can determined how your machine is equipped.
You will benefit from the various possibilities to upgrade the ProfiPress T in a modular way – even at later stages! Different feeding types can be selected, either from the right or left or from both sides, as well as the cross saws in the outfeed area of the press.

The WEINIG ProfiPress T series offers you

  • Efficient even with small batch sizes
  • Unlimited panel width possible
  • Optimum machine utilization at all times as a result of a system that is not dependent on width
  • Low post-processing as a result of minimum additional sanding
  • Modular combinations possible - even after purchase!
  • Ideally suitable to integrate into system solutions

Technical Details

Automatic high-capacity layer formation

WEINIG ProfiPress T

For automatic transfer of the glued lamellae from the conveying belt onto the delivery table. The high-capacity layer formation collects up to 70 lamellae per minute.

Automatic gluing station with precision glue head

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Automatic gluing of the wood lamellae. Precision glue head for precise, automatic glue application. Up to 50% reduction in glue use and reduction in gluing time compared to manual gluing.

Options for extension

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Cross saw

To format the panel immediately after the press

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Longitudinal saw


Growth in Romania - ProfiPress T glues panels for the Oktoberfest

WEINIG Referenzen

Very few visitors to the Oktoberfest would guess that the beer tables and benches, which often witness late-night dancing and frivolity, are now made in Transylvania. Because of the massive demand for this hard-wearing furniture, the manufacturer, Bucin Mob, invested in an endless gluing and pressing line from Weinig so that they could product the solid wood panels more efficiently.

Ready for the future with solid wood panels.

WEINIG Referenzen

Since 2001 the hardwood sawmill owner Walter Ohnemus has been running a cutting line. In 2011 he dared to take the next step towards further processing: solid wood board production in Kappel-Grafenhausen with the ProfiPress T 3500 from Dimter.

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

ProfiPress T brochure 2018 (PDF, 1 MB)

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