WEINIG EasyScan C: Artificial intelligence and many options even in the entry-level segment


Using the latest sensor technology, the EasyScan guarantees defined performance to match the customer’s production requirements. Here, the high-quality LED lighting and sensor positioning are particular highlights.

Together with other factors, they guarantee the best possible optimization result. Due to its compact design, the EasyScan can be used in new small lines as well as in existing lines.


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The price of a WEINIG machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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The EasyScan C offers you

Technical Details

Cross-cutting optimization explained simply

WEINIG CombiScan Evo
WEINIG CombiScan Evo
WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Step 1: The scanners are based upon various sensors, such as laser and color cameras. Your WEINIG expert defines the right sensors and the best combination of these, matched to the wood species, surface quality and customer requirements. Our objective is to achieve the best possible quality of information for any required application.

Step 2: Image processing is handled by the highly sophisticated OptiCore AI software. It detects and identifies defects as well as color variations on the board. The ideally adapted sensor data ensures optimal data processing and defect detection.

Step 3: Optimization via the high-performance OptiCore software calculates the best solution during cross-cutting. In doing so, it takes into account the various customer requests and requirements. Based upon the precise board data calculated during image processing, the board is optimized in accordance with the customer’s settings. This allows a virtually unlimited number of qualities and products to be defined. Thus, even a complex product mix can be quickly and simply optimized. This allows the creation of almost any type of end product.

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The sensors: The key to success

All sensors are protected by dustproof housings. Our laser and color cameras are installed in every system as standard. With the fastest speed available on the market, these guarantee a high resolution and optimal results. Performance is continually improving through continuous development of this industrial sensor system. This technology detects defects such as knots, pith, cracks, etc. A sophisticated laser system also reliably detects 3D surface defects, such as holes and wane.

OptiCore AI: A revolution in defect detection

OptiCore AI is an intelligent image processing software that uses deep learning, a class of neural networks from the field of artificial intelligence, to recognize the wood features.

This revolutionary method can significantly improve recognition accuracy as the software learns to process images like a human brain. With OptiCore AI, the scanner can be trained to automatically analyze and detect wood defects according to predefined parameters. The recognition results and their repeatability are thus significantly improved and the setup time is reduced.

Options for extension

Fiber analysis: Maximum cutting accuracy

An essential component of maximizing recovery and increasing value is a precise cutting position, particularly with finger jointed products. The dot laser enables such high levels of precision and provides improved detection, especially on rough surfaces. The cutting position is more accurately defined using the angle and size of the dots. This guarantees stable finger jointing. The dot laser is available for hardwood and softwood.

WEINIG CombiScan Evo

Automatic camera positioning and processing of decreasing widths

The automatic camera positioning moves all cameras into the ideal position, thus guaranteeing optimal picture quality and resolution. It also prevents operator error, thus reducing production losses to a minimum.

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WEINIG CombiScan Evo

OptiLink: Ideal optimization via connected processes.

Using multiple, complex production processes has always been a difficult task. Linking various applications and production lines further complicates the flow of information.

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Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

WEINIG EasyScan & EasyScan Lite brochure (PDF, 7 MB)

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