Added value: What makes the Cube so unique

The incredible response to the LIGNA prize draw is no surprise: The Cube is a machine that would suit any operation. Its qualities are unrivaled in the market.

Thanks to its intuitive operation, the Cube makes planing easier than ever. And ten times faster than using a traditional jointer and thickness planer. All that is required is to enter the planing width and depth on the touchscreen. "Moulder Preview" allows the operator to make any adjustments and correct chip removal where necessary. This ensures optimal wood recovery even before the workpiece is processed. The Cube achieves planing results that are often only possible with a jointer and planer after time-consuming reworking and correcting. Other benefits of the four-sider include rapid dimension changes while the machine is running. The Cube Plus can also be extended with an automatic stacker, while the compact dimensions of the Cube Plus make it extremely flexible. A forklift is sufficient to transport the machine from one location to another.

The Cube Plus is a machine that can be used by anybody who processes solid wood. Even for panel specialists who process solid wood as a sideline, the Cube is an interesting addition to their equipment. And let’s not forget, a machine such as the Cube can only be offered by WEINIG. Cube – it’s magic! When will you join the Cube revolution?