Predictive maintenance thanks to spindle temperature monitoring

Have you ever experienced this scenario? Your order books are full, the machines are running, the production is booming. Suddenly, there is a problem on one of your machines. One spindle of the moulder is standing still - and the complete production line, too. Now, time is money! You need to get spare parts and a replacement of the spindle as quickly as possible.


Don't worry, thanks to the new WEINIG solution this nightmare scenario is a thing of the past!

Using the spindle temperature monitoring you already know in advance, if there is some damage to foreshadow and you can counteract at the right time.

The PowerCom machine control permanently monitors the spindle temperature. As soon as the first boundary temperature is exceeded, the control unit gives a warning. If the second boundary temperature is exceeded, the machine is automatically stopped in order to prevent any damage. These reports can be tracked for each spindle in PowerCom and in the WEINIG Service App.

This way, it is possible to detect critical conditions at an early stage and damage is avoided. Instead, maintenance intervals can be planned specifically, unscheduled downtime is eliminated and cost of repairs are reduced.

Especially machines for industrial applications benefit from the spindle monitoring. This feature implies an added value by increasing production safety, machine availability and profitability.