PowerJoint 15 on view in week 15 at the Alfeld site

In week 15, the compact PowerJoint 15 system will be available for visits and demonstrations at Grecon in Alfeld.

Later the system – or to be more precise, two PowerJoint 15 systems – will go into operation at a leading renowned glulam manufacturer in Austria. In addition, an OptiCut from Dimter and various mechanizations will be installed in the customer's works. The PowerJoint 15 compact finger jointing lines have a total output of 30 connections per minute; with an average infeed timber length of 2,400 mm, the compact systems can process a total of almost 28,000 running meters per shift.

All the machines are controlled using production software. With this software, the order to be processed can be entered at any time and at any machine. The different grades for the glulam structure are determined at the two scanners and transported into a film store. The lamellae required for the desired glulam structure are then automatically removed from the film store and pressed.

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