The Weinig Group at LIGNA 2023


Innovations for resource efficiency and value creation

The leading technology provider for solid wood and panel processing presents itself in Hanover with the brands Weinig and Holz-Her on an exhibition area of 5,000 sqm. Under the motto WEINIG OFFERS MORE, visitors will experience many of the almost 50 machines and systems live in action at the Weinig Group in Hall 27.

The Holz-Her machine range: A wide performance spectrum for individual solutions for small businesses and upscale series production

With a clear edge into the future

At Ligna, Holz-Her presented the new Auriga 1308XL multi and the Streamer 1057XL power in the entry-level range. Both machines are axis-controlled and make the setup work much easier for the operator.

The Auriga 1308XL multi is a versatile machine capable of processing a wide range of materials, including delicate surfaces. With 11 NC servo axes and the flexibility of the Glu Jet adhesive application system, the requirements for processing different materials can be met quickly and easily. In addition, the axis control system enables precise positioning and high repeatability. Predefined processing profiles can be selected via the control system and guarantee uncompromising processing of 1 mm or 2 mm edges. The multi-aggregates are also equipped with the proven IntelliSet system. This allows the operator to adjust the tool in the 1/100 mm range via an interactive graphic display, for example to compensate for the thickness of a protective film.

The Streamer 1057XL power, on the other hand, is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized stores. With its axis-controlled technology, it can be changed over in a very short time, which speeds up and optimizes the production process. In addition, the simple operation ensures that even inexperienced operators quickly become familiar with the machine.

Another highlight in the field of edge banding machines is the software-controlled and optimized automatic rinsing process with the patented Glu Jet adhesive application system. The automatic rinsing process makes changing glue child's play. The software automates the rinsing of the adhesive and ensures that the process is fast and clean. The operator can switch between different adhesive types such as PUR or EVA at the touch of a button, and the machine automatically sets the correct parameters for temperature and adhesive quantity. In addition, the software automatically calculates the used edges. The machine control system shows the customer the remaining quantity of the edge roll live, thus facilitating the handling of countless edges as well as remaining strips. This reduces the risk of production downtime due to missing material, for example.

In addition, the software has an adhesive type library that allows the operator to switch back and forth between different adhesive types at the push of a button. All necessary setting parameters, such as the correct temperature or amount of adhesive, are set automatically, allowing the operator to switch adhesive types quickly and easily without having to make time-consuming manual adjustments. This new software version enables customers to optimize their production processes and increase their efficiency.

"The Auriga 1308XL multi and the Streamer 1057XL power are real highlights in our product range and offer our customers new possibilities to work flexibly and efficiently. We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers these innovative machines," says Angelo Amico, Product Manager Edge Banding Machines at Holz-Her.

Automation is also becoming increasingly important in smaller workshops to remain competitive and work profitably. It is precisely for this purpose that Holz-Her presented the new Return-Master 5940 Return System and the 5990 Intelligent Stacking Unit, which were presented in combination with a Lumina 1596 edge banding machine. Fully integrated into the edgebander's control system, the return unit enables intelligent one-man operation for increased productivity and maximum flexibility. The return unit automatically detects workpiece lengths or widths and automatically rotates parts as needed. This shortens production time and significantly increases line yield. There are various processing modes from pure part return to nested stacking on pallets. To assist the machine operator, each mode is displayed in real time via a central graphic. In addition, the dynamic machine infeed lock of the edge bander controls the optimal parts sequence.

For more information on the fair and the exhibits, please download the press release.