It’s Cube time, Sir: The little one is also big in England.

P&J Joinery

It was the star of the CUBE Days in Abingdon. Now, the first orders for the Cube are flying into the offices of WEINIG UK. First off the mark were P&J Joinery, as we report.

P & J Joinery is a small English firm with three employees. The business provides a complete joinery service for windows, doors, staircases, kitchens and bedroom furniture and is well-placed to satisfy every individual customer requirement. The quality of the personnel and the high levels of flexibility are the keys to their sustained success. Brisk business encouraged company boss Philip Nixey to increase efficiency by investing in the latest production technology.

The firm had been using traditional planers as well as a WEINIG Profimat 22N, which has been in operation to the company's complete satisfaction for 22 years. With its potential, the WEINIG Cube ideally complements the existing operation and opens the door to expand business thanks to its innovative technology.

We opted for WEINIG because, through the Profimat, we have come to appreciate the reliable German technology and rapid service over many years, says Philip Nixey. "The Cube now gives us the additional advantages we need to expand our business." It is simple to operate, faster and more precise. We particularly needed its 260 x 160 mm option and were very impressed with its flexibility and the savings in setup time. In addition, the Cube has a number of practical features, such as the 60 per cent energy saving during extraction, the quick and simple blade change via EasyLock and the safe charging with short pieces."

The Cube has quite simply re-invented planing. It is very fast, highly precise and easier to operate than any planer before. In addition, it features new laser technology for workpiece measurement and dimension setting. The Cube is particularly suitable for smaller operations and those that still perform S4S with standard machines and methods. It does not have to run all day to be profitable since it is highly productive, efficient and attractively priced.

The Cube is compact and ideal in conditions where floor space is in short supply. Where necessary, it can also be easily lifted and re-located with a lift truck. The Cube does not require time-consuming settings and also avoids setup errors thanks to its part recognition technology. The operator also has the additional advantage of being able to set the dimensions while the machine is running. Thanks to WEINIG’s simple EasyLock blade change system, auxiliary processing times can also be dramatically reduced.

Philip Nixey: "Since working with the Cube, we have benefited from the reduced auxiliary processing times in a variety of respects. We have become more flexible and productive and the increased capacity has allowed us to take on more orders, which has made us more competitive. We were completely satisfied with the machine installation. Everything has run perfectly smoothly."