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A sound investment: The Cube fits perfectly into Roland Tanguy's sales concept

It is not always easy doing everything right. Particularly when your customers are used to it. That is why it is good to have THIS in your corner.

Tanguy Matériaux in Brest, France, provides service with a capital 'S' Every day, tradesmen come to the timber merchant with orders large and small. Sometimes for a cubic meter of mouldings, others for a handful of profiles.

Previously, the planer had to be laboriously tooled and set up in every instance. Those days are over. Now, Tanguy Matériaux has the WEINIG Cube. Managing Director Roland Tanguy is happy: "A brilliant little four-sider with a unique concept". The WEINIG Cube makes planing simpler than ever before. In addition, the compact machine is ten times faster than a jointer and planer. All that is required is to enter the planing width and depth on the touchscreen. "Moulder Preview" allows the operator to make any adjustments and correct chip removal where necessary. This ensures optimal wood recovery even before the workpiece is processed.

Four-sided processing in a single pass then provides a perfect planing result, which was previously often only achieved after post-processing and defect correction. One point is particularly important for Roland Tanguy: "The cube is so simple to use that I can ask almost any available man to operate it," he says. So when customer requests are coming in thick and fast, qualified personnel are always free and can take care of the larger orders.